Many participants will require visas for entry into the Netherlands. Please check with your travel agency or airline to determine whether you will require an entry permit/visa. You can also find out through visiting the website of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Citizens of nearly all European countries, as well as citizens of Australia, Canada and the United States of America do not require a visa for entry to the Netherlands for a periode up to three months. A valid passport will suffice.

If you need a visa, you can apply for an invitation letter through the registration form.
Tick the corresponding box in the registration form, and you will be prompted to provide us with the following information:

Mr / Mrs
First name (as written in your passport)
Family name (as written in your passport)
Date of birth
Place of birth
Passport number
Date of issue (passport)
Date of expiry (passport)
Website company / email address company

* the information should be completed, without it we can not provide you a visa letter
* after we have received your conference fee, we will send you the visa letter
* letters are sent weekly, automatically. If you have paid the registration fee and provided us with the necessary info you do not need to send us an e-mail.

** If you have already registered, you can apply for a visa by changing your registration. To do so, click on the link “change your registration” in the confirmation email you have received upon registration. This link will bring you back to your registration form. On the bottom, check the checkbox “I need an official invitation letter for my visa application” and fill in the required fields. If you can not find your confirmation email please ask us to send you a new one through: