Call for Proposals for the Organization of ECCV 2020

The ECCV-series is a premiere conference of computer vision, organised in alteration with ICCV, the international version on the same topic. Where ICCV is organised on odd years, ECCV is organised on even years.

This is to call potential organizers to submit their proposals to organize the conference in 2020. There is no format to comply with but obviously the best and most complete among the proposals will have a good chance of being selected.

At ECCV2016, the General Chairs of that edition will organize a meeting of the Steering Committee of the ECCV-series. The tentative date for the meeting is Thursday, 13th October 2016 at lunch. The Steering Committee will convene to discuss current matters and to select the organizers and the site of ECCV2020.

The Steering Committee is composed of the general chairs of the past editions of the conference. Each conference present at the meeting will have one vote. The Steering Committee will first decide on the order of the meeting and how to reach a conclusion. Then, proposers are invited in to present their proposal in 10 minutes each exactly. (If there are many proposers the time for presentation may be shortened, of which fact the proposers will be notified after October 1st.)

Material to illustrate the proposal can be submitted to the general chairs of ECCV2016 on “” before October 1st until 24:00. Proposers will be notified upon reception on time. Proposals will be forwarded to the Steering Committee members.

Arnold Smeulders and Theo Gevers
General Chairs of ECCV2016